Giuseppe is a painter and a creative director, denoting the fundamental nature of his reality and existence in the form of physical materials as a means of reasoning through the human mind and the human spirit.

Giuseppe works mostly with paint and mostly on canvas. However, his interests and resources guide him through his reasoning process to represent conflicts, critiques and joys with various materials. He is the material: the matter from which the art is or can be made. There is often a purposeful shift of scale to create or relieve tension. A work comprising of facts, Gamsol, ideas, Phthalo blue, and evolution creates a fictive reality, which for the viewer, is the piece.

An independent fellow of his own school of existence, Giuseppe has investigated the relevance of his work to private collectors, public exhibits, and within local community spaces. The limits between the artist and the social environment have defined his work. The interdisciplinary quality of Giuseppe’s work reflects his dual experience as both a professional studio and commercial artist. Indeed, while some of his works are planned as carefully as their commercial counterparts, others originate more spontaneously, when the artist simply begins to paint. A common theme is one of disobedience juxtaposed with a forced recognition and reverence for relationships.

Giuseppe was born of immigrant parents in Ohio. He lives and works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.